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Writing competition: What’s the future? #Futurist2018

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Curiosta Innovation Labs is organizing an online essay writing competition on the topic “What’s the future?” #Futurist2018 for Indian engineering students. Participate and win cash prize.

Topic and Criteria

The Futurist2018 gives you the unique opportunity to write about a future that intrigues you the most! There are no strict subject restrictions. You are free to write about future of anything such as

  • aspects of society
  • environment
  • science and technology
  • global affairs
  • and more.

The essay has to be between three to eight pages in the English language. You can also use pictures and graphics in your essay to visualize your words. Please submit your essay as PDF file. You should use word processing software like Microsoft Word for writing. Use Times Roman font with font size 12. Save your final draft in PDF format and send it to

The #Futurist2018 jury judges each essay individually based on various criteria which may include creativity, writing style, knowledge skills and more. The Futurist2018 Finalists will answer five short questions towards personality and achievements: The jury selects the winners based on your essay and your personality!

Eligibility | Who can participate?

All engineering students from UGC approved university can participate in the Futurist2018 national essay competition. The Futurist2018 is open to students of India only!

Prizes and Awards

Cash prize of Rs 2000, Rs 1500 and Rs 1000 will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank holders respectively.

  • All finalists will receive a special Futurist2018 finalists certificate with honorable jury notes.
  • All participants will receive a Futurist2018 participation certificate.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will get to spend one full week at our Makerspace free of cost.

Timeline and Deadlines

25.4.2018 | Submission Opens

You have now time to collect your ideas, to be creative and to write your essay. You can submit your essay by sending an email to You have time to submit your essay until 05. May 2018 at 23:59 UTC+5:30 time.

05.5.2018 | Submission Deadline

The Futurist2018 jury reads all essays and makes a careful evaluation based on your submission. The jury will determine the finalists of Futurist2018 until 10. May 2018.

15.5.2018 | Announcement of Finalists

You will be informed about your results on 15. May 2018.! In the second stage, all finalists will answer five short question so that the jury learns more about your personality, your achievements, and your talent! Follow our Facebook page for regular updates.

20.5.2018 | Deadline for Finalist Questions

The Futurist2018 jury will make a final decision based on your essay and your answers to nominate the Grand Prize Winner, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize.

30.5.2018 | Announcement of Winners

The winners will receive their awards and jury feedback. The Grand Prize Winner will get to spend one full week at our Makerspace free of cost.

2 thoughts on “Writing competition: What’s the future? #Futurist2018

  1. Should we have to write in Microsoft office or PDF of photos of written papers?

  2. Sorry for the ambiguity. You should use Microsoft Word like Word processor. Use Times Roman font with font size 12.

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